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Kyler is a part-time Ceramic Artist, currently residing in Denver. He was first introduced to ceramics in middle school and then wheel throwing in high school. Kyler became instantly hooked with the process of making ceramics. He devoted many extra hours outside of school to become proficient in the ceramics arts. 


After high school, Kyler took a six-year break from ceramics. The pandemic gave him the time and desire to get back into it. After a few months to get back up to speed, Kyler has become very invested in the design of functional ware. He has been exploring forms like mugs, bowls, and plates, striving to give life to these everyday forms. He does this in a unique way but not over the top. "I want my work to draw the eye in and require further inspection. I don't want it to look like an accident, I try to make the lines of the piece flow with the entire piece and give it a natural asymmetry. I believe this gives life and movement into the clay."