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LOVE 4.jpg


The first painting created by the artist during Quarantine of 2020. The painting depicts a sacred androgynous character of Spring, waking from the slumber of winter after recognizing her own reflection in pool of water by her side. The Spring Will Come is a hope-filled artwork

which is part of the Bright Futurism series.


Harrison Macdonald Love was born, in Bedford New York, in 1985.


He began his art education at an early age under the tutelage of his family who have a long standing connection to the arts.


When he was seven, the Love family moved to Brussels Belgium, where Harrison began his formal studies in the arts, at the International School of Brussels (ISB).


He returned to the US and continued his art education at the Norwich Free Academy in Connecticut (utilizing their large caste collection for his early studies).


He then went on to advance his art education at the Rhode Island School of Design and worked at Brown University for three years on the Harkonnen Program. While attending RISD Harrison worked in advertising abroad, in Tokyo, Japan, and in Shanghai, China. (Grad 2008).


After graduation he traveled to Peru to study the cultural heritage of the Ashaninca, Warani, and Shipibo tribes of the Eastern Amazonas.


Harrison returned to Connecticut to begin preparing his artwork for galleries throughout the east and west coasts. He is currently living in San Francisco, working on an illustrated book about the mythologies of the Shamanic Cultures he was living with in the Amazon. Proceeds from the book will go to supporting the land rights of the indigenous tribes of the Amazonas.